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Voter Registration Trends: Which states are the GOP winning?

Based on voter registration data, the GOP is improving their standing in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico. The Democrats are likewise improving in New Hampshire and Maine. Arizona and Nevada are essentially a draw, though Democrats have a slight edge in both. Since 2017 Florida Dem Voters Added GOP Voters Added 397,815 607,011 […]

Arizona state senator calls for new election in state, recall of Biden electors

Wendy Rogers called for Biden’s electors to be recalled and a new election in the state of Arizona to be held, after Thursday’s hearings revealed a staggering amount of problems with how Maricopa county conducted their election, including over 74,000 ballots that were returned and counted, but never sent out.

Texas passes voting reform legislation 18-4…

Despite democrats from both the general assembly and senate literally fleeing the state to avoid quorum in the general assembly, the senate was able to achieve quorum and voted on the voting reform legislation, passing it 18-4.

Virginia Governor Race firmly within margin of error

A Trafalgar poll released Tuesday has newcomer GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin trailing Terry McCauliff in the Virginia Gubernatorial race by only 1.8%, firmly within the poll’s margin of error. Trafalgar group poll.

VoterGA releases complaint showing blatant Georgia voter fraud

New allegations of voter fraud with substantive evidence, include the following: 923 of 1539 mail-in ballots reported incorrectly Error reporting rate in hand-count audit at roughly 60% 36 batches containing 4255 total EXTRA votes redundantly added into Fulton Co. audit results Includes 3390 extra votes for Joe Biden, 865 extra votes for Donald Trump, 43 […]

Gov. Abbott: Special session will continue. Dems will be arrested when they return to Austin.

Texas governor Greg Abbott said Tuesday that the special session to vote on voting reforms in Texas would continue, despite the walkout from democrats meant to deny quorum and prevent a vote. Abbott also said that those democrats would be arrested upon returning to Austin. Damn.

Trump dominates CPAC straw poll

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump pulls in 70% support at the CPAC straw poll, asking who participants preferred in a theoretical 2024 primary. Ron DeSantis came in second at 21%. No one else in the poll had more than one percent support. John Kasich and Mitt Romney both had 0%.

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