The Cone of Silence

An easy way to fight back

Big Tech has taken up arms against Conservatives, Populists, Christians, Libertarians, and free speech at large. If you’re witnessing this – and sickened as I certainly am – you might be wondering: How can I fight back?

There is a simple, effective, and immediate way to fight these people and their power: Get OFF their platforms.

In a very direct way, we have created these monsters.

We’ve attended their schools and colleges. We’ve used their services, streamed their content, provided traffic and ad revenue to their websites, and have made them our source of information.

Yet – we do not need them.

Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, and all the big tech companies that are suppressing you also rely on you. If you leave their platforms, it’s the most effective way to harm them and fight back. If enough people leave, you’re effectively putting their employees out of a job.

The more people who leave their platforms and refuse to use their services, the weaker they will become.

So close your accounts.

Stop relying on social media for news.

Get your news from reliable sources that you trust (plenty listed at the bottom of our site)

Better yet – seek out information yourself. We don’t need to view our worl and country through the prism of Fox News, CNN, or any other media conglomerate.


Delete your apps. Cancel your subscriptions. Deactivate (permanently) your social media accounts.

This is how we fight back.

We make sure they lose money and that they have to fire people.

Here’s a list I’d recommend abandoning. Do not give them your money. Do not give them your eyes.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • All cable channels
  • Time Warner
  • Comcast
  • DirecTV
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime
  • Apple (log out and delete iCloud account)
  • Stop paying for apps
  • Stop downloading free apps
  • Reddit
  • Mailchimp

Your homes – your families – should be quiet, peaceful, hard-working, and free of this endless noise and soul-sucking culture. Remove yourself from it, and arm yourself with information directly.

YOU decide who you want to talk to. Not Facebook.

YOU decide what you want to watch – not Netflix’s suggestions.

It’s time to fire back.

Every deleted account is a shot fired. Every lost page view is ground gained.

Encourage friends, family members, relatives, co-workers, and everyone you care about to do the same. Life was better before social media. It was better when you weren’t glued to your phone 24/7 or streaming some brain-dead piece of garbage from a company that hates you and everything you stand for.

Share this page.

Delete your accounts.

Make them pay.

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